Come Up Higher

 You are created with a Mission and a Message. You have purpose, meaning, and significance. Your voice needs to be heard.

Come Up Higher by aligning with His Mission and Message for you. Be the impact and change agent to those around you. Allowing yourself to be available for His use by humbly acknowledging that you are unable to accomplish all He has for you in your own strength positions you for genuine success.

Letting go of comparisons, competitions, and collectibles enables you to be strategic in your focus, clarity, and precision. Coming Up Higher sets you apart by way of illumination, allowing your Light to shine brighter into the dark places around you.

Could it be Y-O-U who breaks the back of apathy, complacency, slumber, and dryness? Jump feet first into the pool of refreshment and be refreshed by the living water of His Spirit that flows in you and through you to the place of flooding those around you with His love, His peace, His hope, and His presence!

Walking in Love does not equate to placating, people-pleasing, or permissiveness. It involves a radical surrender of self and an abandonment of selfish ways, motives, and intentions of the will and heart that impedes progress, predictability, and prosperity.

Be the change by choosing to Come Up Higher into the Mission and Message He has for you. Trust Him, and Step!

He desires your trust and you letting go of fear, control, and wandering aimlessly into the covetousness and illusions of safe comforts that breed lethargy, excuses, and pride.

Laying down of self is where life truly begins. Here, one truly Comes Up Higher! Join the Movement! You Can Be Free!