The Silent War

There is a war going on. Many lives have been affected and are infected by the everyday struggle and battle that is not against flesh and blood. Is it not enough to witness death firsthand, come close to death, or have a loved one die, what many would say, too early?! The sudden shock and even aftershock waves that rumble within one’s mind and very soul often plague many every day with sudden change that just surfaced, because of the death of a loved one, whether by an accident, a natural disaster, a suicide, an illness, or violence. Trauma and complicated grief come in many forms, but one thing remains constant— the silent war that often remains after the event is over.

Will it ever end?

The nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, ruminations, survivor guilt, hypervigilence, depression, crazy thoughts, body memories, and horrible symptoms that serve as bullying reminders that one’s world has just hit the pause button… a suddenly moment that transformed one’s world stage, one’s view of self, others, life, and sometimes even God (or the questioning thereof).

Trauma. Many have sadly experienced such catastrophic shock, grief, and loss that is so incomprehensible that numbness has become commonplace and the new norm.

“WHY?” Many cry out. It is as though the events never cease.

The rapid fire of assaults and attacks flood one’s mind down to the cellular memories, only to be told by the world that ‘this should be a thing of the past.’

Is there a Silent War going on?

Are you there right now?

How many people around you are walking around in a Silent War that remains unnoticed, untouched, and unavoidable only to render these people completely undone?

Is there help?

Is anyone listening to the ‘Invisibles?’…..