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A Note From Dr. J

The past 15 years as a professor allowed me to encourage, inspire, and impart to future counselors and educators both clinical insights and skills that can impact their profession or classrooms for generations to come. Additionally, the past 25+ years has awarded me the opportunity as a professional counselor to instill renewed hope and support to those feeling hopeless, burned out, or as if they or their life’s work/ mission does not matter anymore.

As a successful licensed professional counselor (LPC), counselor-educator, and LPC supervisor, I maintain the commitment to excellence, inspiration, and edification that can aid people both personally and with others in the classroom and beyond.

Dr. J's Keynotes

PTSD & Trauma Recovery: Re-Experiencing Life

Domestic & Sexual Violence/ Abuse:

You Can Be Free

Forced Adult Marriage: The Intersection Between Sexual & Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Suicide Prevention:

Offering Hope, Healing, and Purpose

Anxiety, Stress, and Burnout:

Entering Into Rest and Well-Being

Depression, Grief and Loss:

Finding Your Way Out

Addiction Recovery:

Discovering Who You Were Meant To Be

Freedom from Clergy Sexual Abuse and Abuses of Power/ Position

Writing Your Story:

The Power Of Our Voices

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